The shaman with his turkey mike
The shaman with his turkey mike

Now you have to understand that I ran an underground radio station in High School, and started out going to college to be a radio announcer. It has been about 35 years since I pulled shift on the radio, but I still enjoy being a ham at the mike.

Ever since the first Spittin’ Feathers CD, I have been hooked on the idea of recording turkeys. Mike Battey’s work was groundbreaking, and to this day he’s got some of the best recordings I’ve ever heard. About 5 years ago, I started seriously working on doing recordings of my own.

Everyone has their own angle on turkey hunting. Some get off on making tight patterns with their shotguns. Some people are all into making calls. Me? My favorite end of turkey hunting is making recordings, and my season starts about a month and a half before the Spring Gobbler Season, when the turkeys are just coming out of their winter flocks.

During season, it is really simple to keep a Digital Audio Recorder handy and running, so besides turkey sounds, I also record my hunts.

How to Listen:

PLAN A: Probably the best way to listen to one of these podcasts is to first click on the post. In the post is a link to the podcast itself. Right click on that and then Save As to your local hard drive. The podcasts are in .MP3 format and can be played from any device. I limit them to under 15 minutes or so per segment. My server is with FatCow.com and the performance is bovine to say the least.
PLAN B: Yes, you can just click on the link and it will play off the server, but it can get frustrating. Try it both ways and see what you think. A lot depends on the type of connection you have. Down at camp, the tin cans need to be brushed extra clean and the string needs to be pulled extra tight to get a consistent play directly off the server. It also requires that I be holding onto the cold water pipe when I click the mouse.

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