Report from Turkey Camp — Angus Scores

Turkey Season 2015 is under way. Saturday was The Opener. I went to the Honey Hole. Angus went to the rock pile up on top of Gobbler’s Knob. SuperCore went to his usual place at the Jagende Hutte overlooking Dead Skunk Hollow.

Flydown Saturday was somewhat subdued. I had expecte better, being that it was so warm. The turkeys hopped off their perches, crawled in a hole and pulled in the lid. Angus had better luck. He had a gobbler come in close. He worked him for a while and finally got a shot, but it was at an odd angle and he missed.

Supercore got quite a floor show. Deer, turkey, squirrel, but nothing close enough to shoot.

Along about 0830, I heard a sound that was one of the strangest I have heard in the woods.  It sounded like a roar from a rather large animal, or perhaps a piece of farm machinery starting up.  Three times it went off in the woods beyond Midway.  I was trying to make up my mind if it was worth being worried, when it started to resolve into something resembling a turkey gobble.  Whatever it was, it was huge. It sounded like a 10-foot gobbler, and it sounded like it was coming my way.

I moved around the dead tree where I was sitting  and got situated so that I could see out into the pasture. About 20 minutes later, I began to spy turkeys.  The roar kept up. It was behind the ones I was seeing.  When they got within 150 yards, I began to see shaving-brush beards; these were all jakes, seven of them.  Finally about 100 yards out they all let loose at once and I could see what had been making the roar.  Seven jakes, all going off at once, made a terrible noise.

They came down to my end of the field and stayed for a half hour or so.  There was nothing there I wanted to shoot.  Calling just made them get more worked up.  I pulled out my tablet, and grabbed a few minutes of the show.

On Sunday, we knew it was going to be dicey whether we got any hunting in, but the rain stayed south of Cynthiana at least through flydown.  The gobblers were extremely obstinate for me.  Hens were kicking up a fuss, but could not get a gobbler to honor their calls.  Over on Gobbler’s Knob.  Angus had better luck.  A flock of jakes came in and . . .

Note:  The Internet connection at camp went down.  I’m getting caught up.  Expect more  back-dated entries.



The Final Countdown to Turkey Camp, 2015

By the time you read this it will be T-minus 15 hours and counting to the Turkey Opener.

SuperCore called. He’s bringing   breakfast sandwiches, and the Scotch, and a bucket of fried dead chicken from the side of the road.

I hugged Angus this morning and told him I’d sprung for his license and tags, and wished him a happy 17th birthday. I then went downstairs to put a bevel on the ends of a half dozen strikers.

I’ll be leaving work tonight, dropping by the house to pick up shotguns and Angus and Lily the Love Hound and then heading down to camp.

It’s looking dismal for Sunday and Monday, but there is a chance the thunderstorms may hold off during flydown. The forecast for the rest of the week has improved. Yesterday they were talking rain most days. After Monday, it is now looking like clear and moderate weather.

I wish y’all a good season.  May y’all be at least marginally smarter than a 20 lb bird , at least when it counts.



Getting Ready for Turkey Season

I have been so busy with the podcasts that I have not had a good chance to sit down and discuss all the other things going on in the Shamanic Dream Team’s run up to The Opener.

Angus’ New Shotgun

I was at an auction back in February and got a very nice Remington 870 Express at well under market value.   The auctioneer commented to everyone that the look on my face was priceless.   I had bid on it at the last minute; I had wanted a Mossberg 500, but this came first on the list, and I did not want to walk away empty handed.

It makes a very passable turkey gun.  Angus already had a turkey barrel for it, as well as the choke.  We took it out on Saturday and patterned it.  It seemed to like Remington #5’s the best of all– a nice dense pattern at 40 yards.

New Calls

I was looking for a new box call. Nothing too fancy, but a something new for the arsenal. The folks on spoke highly of Al Shoemaker at SS Game Calls .   I contacted Al and asked him for moderately priced call that would suit my circumstance.  He sent me  a butternut/Kwila field grade box


SS Gamecalls Butternut Kwila

I’ll be carrying that on the Opener  as well as a bunch of new strikers,


New Shamanic Strikers

New Shamanic Strikers

Left to right
1) Osage Orange
2) Bloodwood
3) Cherry
4) Persimmon
5) Diamond Wood

1-4 I made myself. # 5 came finished from .  I made up a similar set for Angus for his birthday.


PODCAST: Yute Season 2015

This is my first Yute Season in many years where I did not have a yute to bring with me. Angus is now too old, and grandaughteer #1, Mooselette, just turned 3. She and I have been hunting turkeys in the backyard when she comes to visits. It must be genetic.

So here it is Easter Morning (Happy Easter everyone!) and it is just me out there. I usually take young’uns up to Gobbler’s Knob, because there is almost a guaranteed floor show. This morning was no exception.

The view from Gobbler's Knob

Podcast — Yute Season 2015

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PODCAST: Getting Thoughtful at the Thoughtful Spot

I probably would have stayed back in town this weekend, but the temperature was cold enough that I thought I might freeze the pipes at Turkey Camp if I was not there.  Indeed, the temperature was 17F and still falling when I went out armed with the recorder and my trusted mug of coffee.  I was met at the back door with a hearty gobble coming from the Hundred Acre Wood .

Lately, I have had this theory about turkeys, about hunting pressure, and a better way to look at how we interact with turkeys.  A lot of folks think I’m nuts, but . . . well, hear what I have to say.

Podcast — Thoughtful at the Thoughtful Spot

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PODCAST: Three Jakes at the Honey Hole

Just under a month separates me from The Spring Opener. This was my first trip out to the Honey Hole. It seemed like I’d just gotten up and left last week, even though it had almost been a year. I was formulating a spiel about what to do when faced with complete silence when several gobblers and some hens turned on just at the bottom of Heartbreak Ridge. They kicked up enough of a fuss that three jakes came over from Left Leg Creek and walked right in on me. It was a lot of until the wind got stronger and I had to stop recording.

Podcast — Three Jakes at the Honey Hole


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PODCAST: Fog at Faulty Towers

This was our first weekend back at Turkey Camp.  It had been a harsh winter, but the cabin was in one piece, and the deer and turkey both seemed as though they had not suffered too much.   A week ago there had been a foot of snow on the ground.  Now it was still a bit soupy, and there was a lot of fog in the mornings, but nothing to keep the turkeys from getting cranked up.  I made it out just in time to Faulty Towers to catch some gobblers and hens.

Listen carefully.  You can hear the rolls of fog effect the turkeys. When a fog bank rolls over them, they get chilled ( I sure did) and they clam up.  When the fog lifts, they start calling again.

Podcast — Fog at Faulty Towers Part 1


Podcast — Fog at Faulty Towers Part 2


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