PODCAST: Return to the Honey Hole 2018

There is something that seems darn near miraculous in the way an old turkey hunter can stroll out in the thin light of pre-dawn, over a ridge socked clean in with fog and come up a half-mile further on, set up next to an old log and wait, to be rewarded a quarter of an … Continue reading

PODCAST: The Midway Gobbler

It has taken quite a while for me to get this podcast together.  The wind was brutal this morning, the first Monday of 2015 Kentucky Spring Gobbler.  This was the day SuperCore and I got matching bookend gobs about a half hour apart. Mine was roosted with hens over by Lazy Boy, where #3 son … Continue reading

PODCAST: Getting Thoughtful at the Thoughtful Spot

I probably would have stayed back in town this weekend, but the temperature was cold enough that I thought I might freeze the pipes at Turkey Camp if I was not there.  Indeed, the temperature was 17F and still falling when I went out armed with the recorder and my trusted mug of coffee.  I … Continue reading

PODCAST: Three Jakes at the Honey Hole

Just under a month separates me from The Spring Opener. This was my first trip out to the Honey Hole. It seemed like I’d just gotten up and left last week, even though it had almost been a year. I was formulating a spiel about what to do when faced with complete silence when several … Continue reading

PODCAST: Wake-up Call

etter late than never, here is the best of about 40 hours of recording. This is not like my other podcasts, because it is just raw turkey sounds with no commentary, no banjo music. The original recordings were from mid-April on a morning where all heck broke loose at the Honey Hole. I had several gobblers come in on me, but I could never get the cross-hairs on them. I selected the source tracks, because they were particularly clean and mixed it so it would be perfect wake-up music.

Continue reading


PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob

We’re just in from Turkey Camp– end of Week #1 of KY Spring Gobbler Season.

In between doing battle with the gobblers, I’ve been trying to edit down the podcast of Angus’ last hunt as a yute.  It was a challenge– a lot of wind noise in the original sound.  Some of it may sound a little funky, and there were three setups before we finally got a shot at a gobbler.

Let me know what you think

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 1

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 2

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 3

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