UV Killer Redux

It was 6 years ago this month when somebody on the Deer & Deer Hunting forum started asking for opinions on UV Killer. I gave my opinion, and cross-posted it back here on my weblog. I did not realize this was going to be the prelude to the most turgid, controversial period in this weblog’s … Continue reading

UV and Reindeer — finally some real science!

I’ve been about ready to bust for months. Here it is September, past the middle of the month, and no one has asked about UV Suppression. Dang! What’s wrong here? Don’t tell me y’all been listening to me and wised up? You mean I’ve been holding back all this anti-UV vitriole for a year, and … Continue reading

Come On! Really?

You know, the more I think about this whole Scent Lok thing the more annoyed I get. You figure an entire generation of hunters has been working under these assumptions about scent management. I am not saying scent management is bogus, but I am saying that Scent Lok and its ilk have certainly muddied the … Continue reading

Becoming a Hunting Curmudgeon

So I was showing KYHillChick the latest on Scent Lok, and letting her read the piece on building an outhouse next to my tree stand. She screwed up her face a little and said, “Why do you do that?” “What?” “You’re such a. . . you’re always such a . . .” We finally agreed … Continue reading

ScentLok Nailed!

http://www.heinsmills.com/cases/Scent_Lok.html Scent Lok Litigation On May 13, 2010, United States Federal District Judge Kyle found that ALS, the manufacturer and seller of Scent Lok clothing, and Cabela’s and Gander Mountain, both of which sell Scent Lok and their own private-label clothing using Scent Lok technology, falsely advertised the ability of their Scent Lok clothing to … Continue reading

The Shamanic Anti-Telepathy Hat

It was in the early post- season that the shaman emerged from his laboratory at deer camp with a proud “Eureka!” “Scooter,” said the shaman, “ I’ve been trading e-mails with my old buddy Nosmo, and we think we’ve got an idea on how to get the anti-telepathy hat idea off the ground.” Scooter looked … Continue reading

Marketing to Hunters

It all depends on the product, and the price, and the claims. Mathews: seems like a good bow, but there are bows out there that will kill a deer for a lot less. Scent-lok: I’ve always been leery of this technology, the price is prohibitive, and a liberal dose of sodium bicarb works more reliably … Continue reading

The last bunch of UV-Killer Tests

UPDATED TESTS The purpose of this report is to document additional tests I made on the UV-Killer product samples sent to me by Dan Gutting of Atsko, Inc. Let me repeat at the outset that I was on the record as highly skeptical of not only the claims of Atsko regarding this product. In fact … Continue reading

UV Killer Tests — Elephant Repellent works as well

I am oft reminded of the story of the man with the can of Elephant Repellent. One day a neighbor sees the man scattering powder around the edge of his yard and asks what’s up. “It’s elephant repellent.” said the man. “Why do you need elephant repellent?” asked the neighbor. “Because I don’t want to … Continue reading