What’s the strangest animal I’ve ever seen Hunting?

That one is easy. Back in ’97 I was doing a lot of hunting in the Big South Fork region of southern KY. Buddy Joe Taylor was a local folklorist and storyteller, and we’d taken a shine to each other and Joe took me around a lot, showing me good places to hunt. Joe was … Continue reading

Don’t Say My Kid Can’t Shoot . . .

Faulty Towers is the first of two 150 year old barns that lie between the house and our new hunting blind. It got its name from the partially collapsed north wall, giving it a rather jaunty if not wholly eccentric look. Over the past couple of years, We have modified the walls to provide several … Continue reading

The Savage Spoke and the Monarch of the Forest Fell

. . . or something like that. It sounds kind of goofy when you put it that way. Saturday morning started out colder than most, and definitely quieter. There was the constant drone of ATV’s and an occasional truck gate slamming, but this year it was much further off. A lot of the landowners had … Continue reading

Ode to a 30-30 Pt 3 — Like A Dog Returneth

13699: Ode to a 30-30 11/12/02-10:41 AM Posted by: shaman from Shooters.com ODE TO A 30-30 PART III by Shaman As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool to his folly. Or at least that is how it felt. There I was, up in the stand at Heartbreak Ridge. The 30-30 was on … Continue reading

Ode to a 30-30 Pt 2 — The Trip to Target World

11136: Ode to a 30-30 06/03/02-1:22 PM Posted by: shaman from Shooters.com Ode to a 30-30 Part II The Trip to Target World After the call to Bob, I had pretty much given up on buying a new deer rifle. Oh sure, I still hit Gunbroker.com, and I still read a lot. If a mint-condition … Continue reading