Cheap Deer Rifles Redux

It was about ten years ago I wrote a series of articles on buying deer rifle for Deer & Deer Hunting. Of them, the one on cheap deer rifles has stayed one of my most popular. It dawned on me the other day that the topic needed to be revisited. For the original, see: Picking … Continue reading

First Looks at the LHR Redemption

I know. This is about 5 years too late. However, a good fellow at saw I was asking about the Thompson Center Strike and offered me a NIB LHR Redeption at a remarkable discount. It was too good of an offer to let it go by. Just so you understand. Thompson Center bought out … Continue reading

So You’re Looking for a new Yute Rifle, Huh?

I’m going to throw out some ideas on youth rifles for deer hunting. Maybe we’ll get a conversation going. Maybe not. This is just like the previous thread about deer rifles. It is about time to be thinking of what Junior’s going to be shooting this year for yute season. You know: yutes. The yutes … Continue reading