So you want to hunt turkeys, huh?

I have never claimed to be an expert Turkey Hunter. I only claim to be an expert Beginning Turkey Hunter. I started hunting turkeys back during Reagan’s first term. I still consider myself a beginner. If I were just starting out turkey hunting this year, here’s what I’d be doing. First off, I would be … Continue reading

Turkey Season 2016 Post-Mortem

The shotguns are back on the rack. The ammo and calls are put away. For all their work, Angus and SuperCore are eating tag soup. However, we all walked away with actionable intelligence. This was a good year overall for us. Everyone had shooting opportunities. First off, let me talk about the weather and how … Continue reading

Afternoon Tactics– What Blythe Taught me

Mark Hay on T&TH was asking about how I call gobblers in the afternoon, and I thought I’d start a new topic rather than go deeper in the Hunting Pressure thread. This is a description of what I do on my property when I want to entice a gobbler in the afternoon. I save this … Continue reading

Last Tag Filled

“ I don’t suppose you want any of this?” I asked my friend. We were sitting in the middle of the pasture, enjoying the day. I was munching on some chopped chicken livers. “It’s really good stuff,” I added. “I always enjoy chopped chicken livers on Matzo crackers. They just kind of go together. I … Continue reading

Hello, Jerry? This is Shaman.

Hello, Jerry? Who is this? This is Shaman. Shaman who? You know, Jerry. It’s me! You’re little brother. What are you doing calling me here? What time is it? Sorry. It’s a little before 7 on Friday night. Oh, #$@$#@$! I overslept. But Jerry, you’re dead! Oh . . . yeah, that’s right. Why are … Continue reading