Eight weeks and Counting

I just watched the countdown timer cross the 8-week mark. It’s now exactly 2 months to the start of Kentucky’s Modern Weapons Season.  I stayed home from the farm overnight. It was going to be hot and muggy and thunderstorms have been moving through since sundown Friday. I’ve been busy down in the shamanic reloading … Continue reading

Reality Sets In. . . AGAIN

Last year  on September 18th, I posted a piece about trying out my new 30-30 rounds.  Sometimes writing a weblog can be eerie. You go back and read stuff and you realize you’ve pretty much repeated yourself. Here’s the post:  Reality Sets In On Sunday, I was back at the shooting bench.  Surprisingly, the target … Continue reading

As the old dog returneth. . .

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly. Proverbs 26:11   Yeah, that is me.  In fact I put a reference to that in my loading notebook as I was cooking up this load.   While I was there, I did a quick review of my loads over the years … Continue reading

Angus’ First Blood

Angus is my #3 son. He had his first Yute season this weekend. Name: Angus Age: 10 Season: Kentucky Youth-Only Firearms Season, 2008 AKA Yute Season Rifle: Marlin 336 in 30-30 WIN w. Simmons 3-9X30 scope on Weaver Swivel Mounts See (Ode to a 30-30) Load: Custom loaded Winchester PP 150 GR RN over Hodgdon … Continue reading

Mooseboy Gets his Cherry Popped

#2 Son, AKA Mooseboy, succeeded in bagging his first deer on Opening Day. I t was a bit of a mixed victory, but then again, aren’t they all. We got up into the stand near the campground a bit late, but still well before sunrise. A screech owl, the wail of the banshee, caught us … Continue reading


——————————————————————————– Well, I wish I had a story for you that began: “There the doe lay, under a bush beside the gully. The 150 grainer had taken its time doing its work, but . . .” or “The coyotes had done their work. All that was left was . . .” or even: “How could … Continue reading

Youth Hunt SNAFU PT II

We had a hearty second breakfast and then headed out to the stand at Heartbreak Ridge, stayed for a couple of hours, heard nothing, saw nothing. Along about 1 PM we headed in for lunch and a nap. The deer we had seen in the morning had been grazing directly in front of our hunting … Continue reading

What is my "goto" gun for Deer?

Somebody over at 24hourcampfire was asking the question: What is your goto gun for deer? Mine? I’ve been stretching my horizons over the past few years, experimenting with different pieces. I hunt both sides of the Ohio River; Ohio is a shotgun-only state and Kentucky is pretty wide-open for rifle restrictions. If I had to … Continue reading