So What Deer Rifles Are You Using, Shaman?

So what rifles are you using this year, Shaman? There have been a lot of changes to the deer battery this year. I just thought I would give y’all a quick rundown.   Mine: Savage 99, 308 WIN This is the same rifle I’ve been using for most every Opener since 2003. I’m still shooting … Continue reading

News from the Shooting Bench

I have been working feverishly with new cast loads for my 35 cals. This past weekend, I finally got a chance to run them through the chronograph. 35 Whelen I pulled the Whelenizer out of the rotation last year in preference to my new 30-06 Ruger Hawkeye. This year, it was time to put it … Continue reading

The Way it Ends

The drive back Sunday was all too familiar.   Rain, a lot of unused tags, snow in the forecast, and listening to the Bengals lose.    I explained to Angus that was how I spent a good deal of my early years as a deer hunter.   Somehow Phil Samp play-by-play,  Horst Muhlman field goals,   deer hunting, tag … Continue reading

Report from Deer Camp, 2011

Y’all were really nice about Dad passing.  Thanks again for all the good wishes.  Normally I would have been doing more of a day-by-day report up on Deer and Deer Hunting.  Now, here it is, Thanksgiving, and I’ve hardly written a thing.  Sadly, there has not been much to write. ] PRELUDE I’ll begin back … Continue reading

Mr Whelen Tags a Doe

Report from Deer Camp Saturday, 20 November, 2010: When we got up and got going this morning, there was a light ground fog covering everything.  The moon was blood red setting over the neighbor’s trailer.  SuperCore took off for his perch overlooking the top ofSkunk Hollow, and I decided to go back to my stand … Continue reading