The Last Yute Hunt — Angus Bags a Bird

If we had given up and gone in at 0900, we would have still counted it a success.   This was the last hunt Angus was going to make as a youth hunter. Around 0830 this morning, a gobbler honored one of my calls way way out.  He was well off the property, so we decided … Continue reading

Yute Hunt 2014

This is the start of Angus’ last Spring Gobbler season as a Yute. He turns 16 in a couple of weeks. I bought him all his youth licenses and tags yesterday— they’re good until the end of the year. However, after next weekend he will be hunting on his own as an adult. Saturday morning … Continue reading

Angus’ First Blood

Angus is my #3 son. He had his first Yute season this weekend. Name: Angus Age: 10 Season: Kentucky Youth-Only Firearms Season, 2008 AKA Yute Season Rifle: Marlin 336 in 30-30 WIN w. Simmons 3-9X30 scope on Weaver Swivel Mounts See (Ode to a 30-30) Load: Custom loaded Winchester PP 150 GR RN over Hodgdon … Continue reading

Getting the Yute Ready for Yute Season

If all goes well, Lil Angus will have a deer by the end of this weekend. Angus is my #3 son. He’s enjoying his first Kentucky Youth Season. He’s been watching me since he was 4. Now it’s his turn. It’s been a long road. His older brother, Moose just finished up his last year … Continue reading

Getting ready for Yute Season

The Remington 742 has managed to still serve a purpose even after retirement. I took the offending Remington 742 and placed it in a positon of obvious disgrace next to my gunsmithing table. All the other rifles have an easy view of it whenever I open the safe. The message is clear: “This will happen … Continue reading