Disappointing Scouting Trip

I originally wrote this last Monday after my first weekend of scouting for the KY Spring Gobbler Season.  Since then, I’m hearing back from folks that the general consensus around these parts is that the turkeys are out there, just not up on the ridges and they’re not hot and vocal as they usually are … Continue reading

Distance: The Working Comfort Zone — Pt 1

From Turkey and Turkey HuntingWe all have a comfort zone for distance in bagging turkeys. I don’t want to talk about ethics, but just personal comfort. It would be a question that would just hard to glean anything meaningful if I just asked you “What is your comfort zone?” Everyone has a different way of … Continue reading

Some Days, It’s Like You Don’t Know Squat

From March, 2009 On the way back to the house, I didn’t know whether to write this up as a stunning success or a miserable failure. I guess any time the turkeys reveal something to you, it’s a victory. Back in early March, I had Angus out scouting the bottom end of Hootin’ Holler. It’s … Continue reading

Where do pressured turkeys go?

A fellow over on T&TH wanted to know how to mid-season scout pressured turkeys on public land. Here is my answer. I have 200 acres of private land to hunt. It is not like your public land problem. However, I might have some ideas for you. You’ve gotten good advice so far. I used to … Continue reading