PODCAST: Return to the Honey Hole 2018

There is something that seems darn near miraculous in the way an old turkey hunter can stroll out in the thin light of pre-dawn, over a ridge socked clean in with fog and come up a half-mile further on, set up next to an old log and wait, to be rewarded a quarter of an … Continue reading

So you want to hunt turkeys, huh?

I have never claimed to be an expert Turkey Hunter. I only claim to be an expert Beginning Turkey Hunter. I started hunting turkeys back during Reagan’s first term. I still consider myself a beginner. If I were just starting out turkey hunting this year, here’s what I’d be doing. First off, I would be … Continue reading

Who’s a Turkey Expert?

From Turkey and Turkey Hunting I’ll stand up and raise my hand. I am a turkey hunting expert. There isn’t anyone alive who knows my turkeys better than I do. However, that only covers 200 acres of ground in the Trans-Bluegrass of Kentucky. Of course, even I occasionally leave a tag unfilled, and most days … Continue reading

Announcement: the shaman joins Heirloom

ANNOUNCEMENT:William “the shaman” Allendorf is now a member of the ProStaff of the Heirloom Turkey Call Company of Haughton, Louisiana. To have him tell it, Bill “the shaman” Allendorf, doesn’t claim to be much of a turkey hunter, but he’s the world’s expert at being a begining turkey hunter. It’s a long story. Most of … Continue reading

Is turkey hunting really all that?

from KentuckyHunting.Net ForumsYesterday, 07:56 PMFivehourfrenzy Is turkey hunting really all that?Everyone makes it sound like turkey hunting is so unbelievably intense and demanding and difficult. I’ve never been. Is it really as hardcore as everyone says it is?__________________ Here is my answer: Turkey hunting IS that intense. I class it as a second religion. I … Continue reading

Letter to Santa from a Turkey Hunter

Dear Santa: I’m writing late to you, but I have some ideas for turkey hunters for Christmas. See if you can cook them up: 1) A cheap pair of boots that are lightweight, warm and waterproof. Is it asking too much for a turkey hunter to have dry warm feet? Every pair of boots I … Continue reading