The Westwood Blind

Over to the west of Garbage Pit, there was a bunch of fallen cedar boughs. I was out this morning scouting and decided that we probably needed a new turkey blind over that way. See what y’all think.   Suggested Readings: The New Honey Hole I was back at the New Honey Hole today, erecting … Continue reading

Mooselette and the Turkey

My #1 Granddaughter, Mooselette, is turning 4 this week. She came over to the house for an indoor campout over the weekend. I put her tent up in the family room, built a fire in the fireplace, and found some good night noises on Youtube. For activities, we took a trip out to Southern Ohio … Continue reading

Requiem for the Honey Hole

For the past ten years, I have spent a good deal of time out at The Honey Hole. The Honey Hole has been my goto spot for both Turkey Hunting as well as my pre-season recording sessions that end up in my podcasts. It has been a fantastic spot to hunt– probably about 20 gobblers … Continue reading

A Bit of Backstory: The 870 That Wouldn’t

If you listen carefully to the as-yet unreleased podcast of Angus’ hunt, you will here him mention that his shotgun functioned perfectly.  That was a huge thing for Angus and I– much bigger than you probably know. Back when I was out of work, I had an old boss that looked me up. He was … Continue reading

Yute Hunt 2014

This is the start of Angus’ last Spring Gobbler season as a Yute. He turns 16 in a couple of weeks. I bought him all his youth licenses and tags yesterday— they’re good until the end of the year. However, after next weekend he will be hunting on his own as an adult. Saturday morning … Continue reading