Supercore Scores!

After a long dry spell, Supercore scores on a nice 2-year-old at 0820 this AM. The gobbler came to his calls and trotted within 10 yards of the Jagendehutte. Supercore had to engage in some close-quarters combat with the gob, but eventually got it tied off to the ATV and brought it home. It’s a … Continue reading

Post Season Recap

There is a brief window in our yearly hunting schedule where the lessons of the season just past are still fresh. I need to make record of them before my head fills with holiday glurge. My apologies for not doing this sooner.  I just started a new day job, and it has been consuming everything. … Continue reading

Deer Camp 2015 — Ineff is Ineff

0630 ET Although it is still dark, it in a little while it will be light enough to hunt. I still have a tag. The end of season is over ten hours away. Why am I back in town? Why are the rifles already back on the rack? Why has the shaman stopped hunting? Look, … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Turkey Season

I have been so busy with the podcasts that I have not had a good chance to sit down and discuss all the other things going on in the Shamanic Dream Team’s run up to The Opener. Angus’ New Shotgun I was at an auction back in February and got a very nice Remington 870 … Continue reading