The Tower at Hollywood

Over the past few weekends, we’ve been working on new stands. One of them, was far enough along that I trucked it out to its new position. Hollywood is a tower blind built with the Elevators bracket system. I’ve had these brackets for almost a decade. They were originally meant for the blind at Midway, … Continue reading

PODCAST: Three Jakes at the Honey Hole

Just under a month separates me from The Spring Opener. This was my first trip out to the Honey Hole. It seemed like I’d just gotten up and left last week, even though it had almost been a year. I was formulating a spiel about what to do when faced with complete silence when several … Continue reading


PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob

We’re just in from Turkey Camp– end of Week #1 of KY Spring Gobbler Season.

In between doing battle with the gobblers, I’ve been trying to edit down the podcast of Angus’ last hunt as a yute.  It was a challenge– a lot of wind noise in the original sound.  Some of it may sound a little funky, and there were three setups before we finally got a shot at a gobbler.

Let me know what you think

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 1

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 2

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 3

NOTE: You may find that the links load slowly. If so, try right-clicking on them and downloading them to your system before playing



Distance Travelled

Over on the 24HourCampfire there is a lively discussion going on. One fellow has stood on the Pillar of TrVth and said that high-velocity, lower caliber cartridges produced faster kills than larger slower ones. Of course, this is yet another incarnation of the old Dead Right There (DRT) argument– what makes deer run after being … Continue reading