LazyBoy is Up!

This all started about 5 years ago.  I was looking for a place for #3 son, Angus to have his first solo deer hunt.  Angus did not want to bother with a treestand, and we had bumped into this spot while out squirrel hunting.  For the last few years, Angus has hunted from here using … Continue reading

Squirrels Unlimited

There is a great website for squirrel hunters that I just found. Squirrels Unlimited They have a great forum with a bunch of good information. Y’all need to check it out. I just joined up.   Suggested Readings: Quaker Boy Forums Calling all Turkey Hunters! You know that when the ol’ shaman tells you about … Continue reading

A new stand

So yesterday Moose, Angus, and I went squirrel hunting. Moose ran into the bionic squirrel: took 5 rounds of #6– kept getting back up and trying to climb the tree. Angus and I went out onto a finger ridge we seldom travel, and found a good spot for the ladder stand. While we were sizing … Continue reading

I guess it’s just part of growing up

Last night, Friday Night, we didn’t go to the farm. We’re not squirrel hunting. We’re not deer hunting. We’re not painting the sheds. We’re not driving to Mount Olivet for dead fried chicken. Friday night Moose wanted to stay in town and go to his high school football game. He’s got a new girlfriend in … Continue reading