The Mauser from Hell

Strap in, guys. This is a long and bumpy ride down the bunny hole of rifle loony-ism. It all started back in 2013. SuperCore was cleaning out his gun safes and I picked up his K98 Mauser in 8X57. He’d been having trouble getting it to shoot. He’d taken it to two local gunsmiths. The … Continue reading

Eight weeks and Counting

I just watched the countdown timer cross the 8-week mark. It’s now exactly 2 months to the start of Kentucky’s Modern Weapons Season.  I stayed home from the farm overnight. It was going to be hot and muggy and thunderstorms have been moving through since sundown Friday. I’ve been busy down in the shamanic reloading … Continue reading

Son, This is a Muzzleloader

I had a job to do. Angus is going deer hunting on his own this year. However, we still had not gotten his muzzleloader together. We were all down for a camp-out this past weekend. Sunday afternoon, after Moose and MooseMama left with their friends, Angus and I sat down to take care of things. … Continue reading

Indiana Rule Changes for 2015– Centerfire Rifle!

Update: 3/29/2016   What Indiana DNR failed to do the Indiana Legislature has accomplished.  See Indiana Passes New Deer Rifle Rules   Update: 5/20/2015 It is looking like the rule changes are going to be nixed. See Indiana Deer Rifle Changes Nixed : I just got a tip that Indiana has approved the use of … Continue reading

How many shots do I need to sight-in a rifle?

How many shots do I need to sight-in a rifle? Good question. Somebody asked it over at the 24HourCampfire in the optics forum. I won’t point you to it, because it quickly degraded into another pissy flame fest, common to that forum these days. (Sigh!) How many shots do I need to sight-in a rifle? … Continue reading