New Ohio Deer Rifle Rules

There has been a change in what constitutes a legal deer rifle in Ohio. From the ODNR Website: Straight-walled cartridge rifles in the following calibers: New this year! All straight-walled cartridge calibers from a minimum of .357 to a maximum of .50. Shotguns and straight-walled cartridge rifles can be loaded with no more than three … Continue reading

Shotgun Vs. Rifle

I have been getting a lot of flak over my recent article on Indiana moving to centerfire rifle for deer in 2015. Fewer, but still a few, folks have been complaining to me about Ohio’s move to Pistol Caliber Rifles (PCR). I would like to set the record straight. 1) If you really have a … Continue reading

PCR Comes to Ohio

It is my understanding that Pistol Cartridge Rifles will be allowed this coming year for deer hunting in Ohio Here was the first mention I saw of it: ODNR Division of Wildlife announces pistol caliber rifles for deer hunting This is terrific news for Buckeye Deer Hunters. From what I understand, the allowed cartridges will … Continue reading

Poacher dragged off from Deer Expo

Johnny Clay is in big trouble stemming from a 2009 deer he claimed as the #1 bowkill in Kentucky.  The problem is that it now seems likely it was poached with a rifle in Ohio.  Oooops. This guy is from just upriver from us in Adams County, Ohio.  As I understand the story, Johnny Clay … Continue reading

Echo Company Comes Home

NOTE: This post has nothing to do with hunting, shooting, or reloading. However, it has everything to do with being an American. I just thought I’d share it with you. My son, Angus ( was asked to play for a company of the Ohio National Guard rotating home from a year in Kuwait and Iraq. … Continue reading

What is my "goto" gun for Deer?

Somebody over at 24hourcampfire was asking the question: What is your goto gun for deer? Mine? I’ve been stretching my horizons over the past few years, experimenting with different pieces. I hunt both sides of the Ohio River; Ohio is a shotgun-only state and Kentucky is pretty wide-open for rifle restrictions. If I had to … Continue reading