Deer Camp Close-Down 2017

Angus, Moose and the Mooselette joined me at Deer Camp one last time to shut down camp, and have one last time afield before the cold weather hits. Moose and Angus went for a hike. Mooslette and I went on a grand tour of the blinds. This was her first time at Hollywood. I introduced … Continue reading

Mooselette Goes Turkey Hunting

Well, sort of. Mooselette, my #1 granddaughter made it out to turkey camp with her daddy, Moose. We had a chance to go out to the Honey Hole and listen to the gobblers and hens at flydown. It was below freezing, so I brought along an arctic sleeping bag for her to crawl into. Afterwards, … Continue reading

Mooselette’s First Fish

Five years ago on Memorial Day Weekend, Team Moose announced that the family was going to be extended into the next generation. That day, I drove to Falmouth and bought a bucket of bluegill and largemouth bass to stock the pond nearest the house. I dedicated the pond to the anticipation of her arrival. Mooselette … Continue reading

Mooselette and the Turkey

My #1 Granddaughter, Mooselette, is turning 4 this week. She came over to the house for an indoor campout over the weekend. I put her tent up in the family room, built a fire in the fireplace, and found some good night noises on Youtube. For activities, we took a trip out to Southern Ohio … Continue reading

Mooselette — A New Hunter Checks in at Camp

Mooselette, daughter of Moose and MooseMama showed up at camp over the weekend. Grandpa shaman was quite pleased. It was 3 years ago when MooseMama let it slip on our Memorial Day camping trip that there was going to be a new hunter at camp.  Since then, we’ve been preparing for that eventuality. Mooselette is … Continue reading