Deer Opener 2017

It was the coldest Opening Weekend ever for the Shamanic Dream Team. The temperature was hanging aruond 24F when the light came up, but there had been a good deal of action at my stand at Campground before that. I had heard a group of doe, probably being chased by a young buck come down … Continue reading

Hundreds of Deer Poached

Fleming and Mason Counties are just a stone’s throw away from our deer camp. Two brothers were arrested with over a hundred counts of taking deer illegally. Here’s the report from Channel 18 in Lexington . Fleming Co. Brothers Face Over 100 Counts Of Poaching FLEMING COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Two Fleming County brothers face … Continue reading

How to hold deer while staying at the hotel?

From The Deer and Deer Hunting Forum kroazn Posts: 1 Joined: Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:35 pm How to hold deer while staying at the hotel? Postby kroazn » Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:41 pm Hi I am new to the forum and have this question that I couldn’t find the answer to. I am … Continue reading