Strategies for Turkeys on a Small Plot

My strategy for hunting turkeys is different than most professional turkey hunters. It is different than most guys who travel to hunt turkeys in far-off destinations. It is different than a guy who hunts public land. My situation has determined a lot of my strategy. Back in 2001, I acquired 200 acres of prime turkey … Continue reading

Know Thy Game, Know Thyself

Everyone goes at turkey hunting a little different. One guy wants to take a gobbler only if he has called it into him. Another guy only wants to do it with his grand-daddy’s side by side. Another fellow only feels right if he’s spent $500 on ammunition and is wearing the latest camo pattern– vest and boots matching. Another guy only wants to saddle up his bird and ride it back to camp singing “John Brown’s Body.” We all look at this sport differently.

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Interesting threads on

I found two interesting thread on regarding big bucks in KY and IN: — Is Indiana going to overtake Kentucky as a trophy state? — What single reason makes Kentucky a trophy state The general consensus is that KY’s rise in antler score can attributed to going to a 1-buck limit. The … Continue reading

Soaking the Non-Residents in Kentucky

This is in response to: Higher Priced Non-Resident License, a thread over on I am a resident of Ohio, and hunt exclusively in Zone 1. Kentucky affords me a much better opportunity to hunt deer and turkey. My family owns 200 acres in Bracken County. I’ve written several times here about how much I … Continue reading

Thanks for letting me come hunt in Kentucky

You’re probably not going to hear this all that often, but I just wanted to thank all you Kentucky folks for letting me come deer hunt in your state. I am a born and bred Buckeye. I have hunted deer since the early 80’s and I have to say that your choice of seasons and … Continue reading

My best hunting tips for getting bucks

Here’s a good read. A lot of KY deer hunters chimed in. From sixxfan26 8 Pointer Join Date: Oct 2004 Location: Butler, Kentucky, USA. Posts: 653 Best Tip From Those Who Kill Bucks Consistently OK. Here’s a question from a frustrated guy who’s hunted several years without consistent success, for all of you guys … Continue reading