The Eve of the Opener

“. . . The stockings were hung by the chimney with care” Actually, the clothesline IS filled with hunting socks at the moment. Last night Angus did his last load of hunting clothes. Preparations have been going on for some time. Last weekend, I was out at camp, puttering around the whole weekend getting the … Continue reading

UV Killers

Update 2014– I have updated this article, because this is still one my most-read pieces.  It originally was an off-hand post on D&DH Forum.  As we near the 6th anniversary, I thought I’d update things here and write a look back: UV Killer Redux   It is absolutely ludicrous to believe that deer are sensitive … Continue reading

The Sport of Not-Hunting for Deer

I would like to discuss with you the sport of not-hunting. I do not mean not hunting, as in staying on the couch and watching football. I mean actively not-hunting. I know– my head is spinning too. However, if I explain a little more you probably will know what I mean. You may already have … Continue reading

How long do hunting clothes last?

I’ve got stuff still from 1982. My sons are wearing the stuff I started out with. You replace them when they stop doing the job. Some things I’ve learned over the years: 1) Rotate your clothes. To keep scent down, I always have one or more changes for the weekend and let one set out … Continue reading