Life with O.P.

Of course you know about my buddy O.T., the old turkey hunter that runs the mower shop and his brother O.D. the expert deer hunter that holds court at the store in Browningsville. The brother I met first,however, was O.P. , the baby of the bunch. O.P. has a trailer up the road on the … Continue reading

New 2012-13 Kentucky Hunting and Trapping Guide

KYDFWR has just released the new Hunting and Trapping Guide. 2012-13 Kentucky Hunting and Trapping Guide So far I don’t see any big changes for what I’m doing. Suggested Readings: Kentucky Considers Deer Hunt Tourism Political leaders in cash-strapped Kentucky are proposing winter getaway packages for hunters that would allow them to shoot deer at … Continue reading

Is it Ethical To Hunt?

From D&DH Forum Everyday Hunter asks:    Is it a moral decision to hunt or not to hunt?  Let’s get philosophical. I recently re-read an article in Sports Illustrated (Nov. 24, 2008) on the decline of hunting. It ended with this sentence: “Wolves do not make moral decisions, he decided. They just hunt.” So, if … Continue reading

The Sport of Not-Hunting for Deer

I would like to discuss with you the sport of not-hunting. I do not mean not hunting, as in staying on the couch and watching football. I mean actively not-hunting. I know– my head is spinning too. However, if I explain a little more you probably will know what I mean. You may already have … Continue reading

To Bait, Or Not to Bait

This time of year, everyone seems to get their drawers knotted up over whether it’s okay to bait for whitetail deer. Some say it’s not Fair Chase. Some folks say it’s okay. One of the things that’s missing here is whether or not hunting over bait is even all that effective. They started letting us … Continue reading