Biscuits and Gravy in Browningsville

We were down at Mister Browning’s store in Browningsville. We heard there were good biscuits and gravy available on Saturday mornings.  O.D. was there. O.T. and O.P. showed up as well. One thing you have to remember is that it is important to have a fresh set of turkey hunting duds if you plan on … Continue reading

So you want to hunt turkeys, huh?

I have never claimed to be an expert Turkey Hunter. I only claim to be an expert Beginning Turkey Hunter. I started hunting turkeys back during Reagan’s first term. I still consider myself a beginner. If I were just starting out turkey hunting this year, here’s what I’d be doing. First off, I would be … Continue reading

Turkey Season 2016 Post-Mortem

The shotguns are back on the rack. The ammo and calls are put away. For all their work, Angus and SuperCore are eating tag soup. However, we all walked away with actionable intelligence. This was a good year overall for us. Everyone had shooting opportunities. First off, let me talk about the weather and how … Continue reading

Afternoon Tactics– What Blythe Taught me

Mark Hay on T&TH was asking about how I call gobblers in the afternoon, and I thought I’d start a new topic rather than go deeper in the Hunting Pressure thread. This is a description of what I do on my property when I want to entice a gobbler in the afternoon. I save this … Continue reading

Requiem for the Honey Hole

For the past ten years, I have spent a good deal of time out at The Honey Hole. The Honey Hole has been my goto spot for both Turkey Hunting as well as my pre-season recording sessions that end up in my podcasts. It has been a fantastic spot to hunt– probably about 20 gobblers … Continue reading

Report from Turkey Camp — The Action so Far

If there really are “ON” and “OFF” kind of days for turkeys. Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Opener here in the Trans-Bluegrass were definitely “ON.” Angus had a shot on Saturday as did I, Angus scored on Sunday. SuperCore and I scored on Monday. Ever the rain returned on Monday morning, the gobblers have … Continue reading


PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob

We’re just in from Turkey Camp– end of Week #1 of KY Spring Gobbler Season.

In between doing battle with the gobblers, I’ve been trying to edit down the podcast of Angus’ last hunt as a yute.  It was a challenge– a lot of wind noise in the original sound.  Some of it may sound a little funky, and there were three setups before we finally got a shot at a gobbler.

Let me know what you think

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 1

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 2

PODCAST: Angus Rolls the Gob PT 3

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