Something Snapped

At 1630 ET last afternoon, I looked at the updated forecast and saw the following progression: Thunderstorms, high wind and rain before sunset Overnight wind and falling temperatures Low was to be in the low 30’s First light: Snow, wind, cold Changing over to wintry mix and wind Changing to rain by 1100 ET Something … Continue reading

Yute Hunt 2014

This is the start of Angus’ last Spring Gobbler season as a Yute. He turns 16 in a couple of weeks. I bought him all his youth licenses and tags yesterday— they’re good until the end of the year. However, after next weekend he will be hunting on his own as an adult. Saturday morning … Continue reading

Double Beard with a Double Barrel

I was feeling a might heavy when I went out this morning. The birds have just not been cooperating lately. It’s coming to the end of the first week. I’d stayed home Monday and Tuesday due to rain. Wednesday the wind had gotten outrageous, and it was promising to blow big time again. The kids … Continue reading

How do you take a turkey’s temperature?

From the Quaker Boy Forums [From cbbase34:] Hi there, you said something about Learn to take a turkey’s temperature, how do you do that? thank you Well you first have to get underneath the gobbler, this is usually done by first pushing hishead down with your left hand and then bringing the tail up with … Continue reading