Cheap Deer Rifles Redux

It was about ten years ago I wrote a series of articles on buying deer rifle for Deer & Deer Hunting. Of them, the one on cheap deer rifles has stayed one of my most popular. It dawned on me the other day that the topic needed to be revisited. For the original, see: Picking … Continue reading

So you want a new deer rifle for Indiana

Now that Indiana has decided to take the great leap ahead and embraced modern centerfire rifles for deer, the question is going to be what rifle to buy. I have had a lot of thoughts on that very idea over the years. Dig around on this weblog, starting with the suggested readings at the bottom … Continue reading

How Many Shots to Sight-In a Rifle, REALLY

I’ve in the midst of sighting in a bunch of deer rifles.  I changed out a good number of scopes over the past year, and now 30-some years of experience is coming to bear.  In general I can say that  I have been on the paper with the first shot and it has taken about … Continue reading

So you STILL want a new Deer Rifle???

This is a continuation from last year’s diatribe on deer rifles: So You’re Looking for a new Deer Rifle, Huh? Larry Miller, the comedian, used to do this bit about the five stages of drinking.  As part of one of the stages, you find you have spent arguing for the past hour against Astroturf.  By … Continue reading

So You’re Looking for a new Yute Rifle, Huh?

I’m going to throw out some ideas on youth rifles for deer hunting. Maybe we’ll get a conversation going. Maybe not. This is just like the previous thread about deer rifles. It is about time to be thinking of what Junior’s going to be shooting this year for yute season. You know: yutes. The yutes … Continue reading

So You’re Looking for a new Deer Rifle, Huh?

It occurred to me the other day that this might be a good time to start a new conversation about deer rifles. Guys will be thinking about possibly buying a new rifle about now, maybe their first. So it is probably a good thing to throw something up on the wall and get the ball … Continue reading

The shaman goes over the edge on deer rifles

Originally Posted By: Jeff_Olsen Shaman is my new favorite “writer” on the ‘Fire! 🙂 -jeff “Aw, shucks!” said the shaman. He kicked the dirt, feigning humility. “Thanks for the kind words.” [WARNING: The shaman is going for a dive in the deep water. You may want to put on your hip boots. For the brave, … Continue reading