Life with O.P.

Of course you know about my buddy O.T., the old turkey hunter that runs the mower shop and his brother O.D. the expert deer hunter that holds court at the store in Browningsville. The brother I met first,however, was O.P. , the baby of the bunch. O.P. has a trailer up the road on the … Continue reading

A Mooselette’s First Independence Day

It was a little over a year ago I announced that Moose was due to become a father, and I a grandfather. It was shortly after that, I announced that the Mooselette was undoubtedly going to be a deer hunter (notice the orange booties): I just wanted to give you an update on the project. … Continue reading

Should I Reload? PT I

Let me begin by asking some questions:

* Are you satisfied with your selection of ammunition? Can you go to the store and buy what you want?
* Are you plagued by excessive recoil with your deer rifle?
* Are you satisfied with the accuracy of your deer rifle?
* Are you appalled at the price of ammunition?

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Playing the Wind or J-Lo and Steve find each other?

From the D&DH Forum Cut N’ Run If deer always walked into the wind in Fall, wouldn’t they all eventually end up in the Pacific northwest? Just kidding. This all reminds me of a story: O.D and Playing the Wind As usual, I’m going take a completely contrary approach to all this.  I guess it’s … Continue reading