Deer Camp — Maintenance Weekend

I’ve been busy since July. However, I did not have all that much to show for it. Finally, I’ve got something meaningful to report. This weekend was the first of a series of maintenance weekends at Camp. Some of it was long overdue. The first project was the Jagende hutte. I built this blind back … Continue reading

Hundreds of Deer Poached

Fleming and Mason Counties are just a stone’s throw away from our deer camp. Two brothers were arrested with over a hundred counts of taking deer illegally. Here’s the report from Channel 18 in Lexington . Fleming Co. Brothers Face Over 100 Counts Of Poaching FLEMING COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Two Fleming County brothers face … Continue reading

Deer Camp 2015 — The Final Ritual

I mentioned to Angus last week as we were on our way out to Campground that it seemed like everything at Deer Camp had become a ritual. Even the most mundane things, when repeated for a decade and a half take on a ceremonial quality. Last weekend was the yearly last trip to camp to … Continue reading

Deer Camp 2015 — Ineff is Ineff

0630 ET Although it is still dark, it in a little while it will be light enough to hunt. I still have a tag. The end of season is over ten hours away. Why am I back in town? Why are the rifles already back on the rack? Why has the shaman stopped hunting? Look, … Continue reading

Report from Deer Camp 2014

Deer Camp changes you. Every day I climb into the stand and think up a way to start this article, and every day I have tried to start it differently. Saturday, I would have been talking all about SuperCore’s big 8-pointer that he got at 0700. Sunday, I would have probably talked about dropping off … Continue reading

Report from Deer Camp — Week 2, 2012

Forty Years ago, I remember a writer for a fishing magazine proposing a time machine for every tackle box.  You get to the bait shop and everyone is saying “You should have been here last week. Boy, were they biting!”   I was reminded of that when stopping in to the processor to pick up SuperCore’s … Continue reading

Report from Deer Camp, 2011

Y’all were really nice about Dad passing.  Thanks again for all the good wishes.  Normally I would have been doing more of a day-by-day report up on Deer and Deer Hunting.  Now, here it is, Thanksgiving, and I’ve hardly written a thing.  Sadly, there has not been much to write. PRELUDE I’ll begin back in … Continue reading