More on Shotgun vs. Rifle

Some of my deer friends over the line in Indiana are taking me to task for my support of the new centerfire rifle rules.  In particular, they would question the issue of safety. To them, I offer this:   Study: Shotguns not safer for deer hunting Ballistics tests, prompted by accidental shooting of Valley woman, … Continue reading

Deer Intelligence and the 4-way Stop

I have tried to answer the question “How Smart are Deer?”  for most of my hunting career.   I know they can’t be THAT smart.  However, the thought has been rolling around in my head since I did that last piece about Ken Nordberg.    I was on my way to work this morning, and I saw … Continue reading

Tag Soup

I look back now on that nice 10-pointer I had standing broadside to me in October and I have to wonder.   If I knew I would be sitting here today with no tags filled at the end of season, would I have shot?   Was there something more I could have done during season?  Did I … Continue reading