First Looks at the LHR Redemption

I know. This is about 5 years too late. However, a good fellow at saw I was asking about the Thompson Center Strike and offered me a NIB LHR Redeption at a remarkable discount. It was too good of an offer to let it go by. Just so you understand. Thompson Center bought out … Continue reading

A Quick Update on the Press

First off, I want to let you know I have a growing admiration for the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive press. The naysayers complaints just have not panned out. Based on others’ comparisons to the Dillon 650, about the worst thing I can say about it, in my experience, is that that it has a red … Continue reading

Possible new Ohio Record Buck

The forest telegraph just came across with this: BIG BUCK ALERT! New Potential Ohio State Record Typical Buck   Suggested Readings: New Ohio Deer Rifle Rules There has been a change in what constitutes a legal deer rifle in Ohio. From the ODNR Website: Straight-walled cartridge rifles in the following calibers:… PCR Comes to Ohio … Continue reading

Hundreds of Deer Poached

Fleming and Mason Counties are just a stone’s throw away from our deer camp. Two brothers were arrested with over a hundred counts of taking deer illegally. Here’s the report from Channel 18 in Lexington . Fleming Co. Brothers Face Over 100 Counts Of Poaching FLEMING COUNTY, Ky (LEX 18) Two Fleming County brothers face … Continue reading

More On The L-E-Vator

I had the GoPro out on Saturday afternoon but did not have a chance to get it out before the doe showed up. I still managed to get some footage of SuperCore’s new L-E-Vator. This is not the perfect deer lifter. You can see that from the video. However, it is the best I’ve found … Continue reading

The Bug is Starting to Hit

It is still only the first week in August, but I am already getting ready for deer season. Two new treestands arrived from These buddy stands cost less than $90 each and by rejoining the Buyers’ Club, I got the shipping for free. I’ll be scouting for new stand sites when I get back … Continue reading

Indiana Deer Rifle Changes Nixed

The word I have is that the Indiana DNR has pulled support for the recommendation that would have liberalized centerfire rifle restrictions in this year’s deer hunt. Board to vote on use of high-powered rifles for Indiana’s deer hunters See Indiana Deer Rifle Changes Nixed “We saw it as a social issue and since it … Continue reading