A Decade without Bow Hunting

This weekend marks the beginning of the tenth season since I stopped bowhunting. Yes, I miss it, but not as much as I thought I would. The incident that did it was actually back in July. I’d been using a DIY strength trainer for years– 3 screen door springs and a couple of handles. It … Continue reading

The Shaman Presents the Anti-DST Clock for Deer

NOW! The shaman presents! The Shamanic Camo Clock! Just $48.95 Place this revolutionary clock in front of your stand and set it to daylight savings time to reassure the deer that nothing is wrong. Scientific studies show that this clock, when used in conjunction with a proven scent control plan ( included absolutely free), will … Continue reading

Is Bow or Rifle your Favorite?

Over at Deer and Deer Hunting they were looking for a quick show of hands over which folks enjoyed Bow or Rifle the most. Overwhelmingly, folks picked bow for a variety of reasons.Here’s my answer: Okay, I’ll go against the flow here and say modern centerfire rifle season. Mind you, up until 2007, I was … Continue reading