Eight weeks and Counting

I just watched the countdown timer cross the 8-week mark. It’s now exactly 2 months to the start of Kentucky’s Modern Weapons Season.  I stayed home from the farm overnight. It was going to be hot and muggy and thunderstorms have been moving through since sundown Friday. I’ve been busy down in the shamanic reloading … Continue reading

What Constitutes Hunting Before/After Legal Daylight?

This is a condensation of my comments regarding a thread on D&DH regarding the following question: I’m wondering about legal shooting times for bow hunting, specifically last light… If the law reads you have to quit at 5:00 p.m for example, do I have to be out of the woods at that time, or not … Continue reading

Is Bow or Rifle your Favorite?

Over at Deer and Deer Hunting they were looking for a quick show of hands over which folks enjoyed Bow or Rifle the most. Overwhelmingly, folks picked bow for a variety of reasons.Here’s my answer: Okay, I’ll go against the flow here and say modern centerfire rifle season. Mind you, up until 2007, I was … Continue reading

Evolution of a Hunter

For years now, I have been hearing about this Evolution of the Hunter. It just sticks in my craw. I do not think they have it right. According to the theory, hunters go through a series of steps. At first they want shooting opportunities, then they start looking to place various self-restrictions on their hunting, … Continue reading

How was my Bow Season?

Bow season sort of ends for me in November. It’s not that I’m blocked from doing it. It just turns out that way. By moving my attentions to Kentucky, it’s kind of narrowed my bow opportunities in a lot of ways. First, September is usually too hot to do serious bow hunting. Yeah, the season … Continue reading