Cheap Deer Rifles Redux

It was about ten years ago I wrote a series of articles on buying deer rifle for Deer & Deer Hunting. Of them, the one on cheap deer rifles has stayed one of my most popular. It dawned on me the other day that the topic needed to be revisited. For the original, see: Picking … Continue reading

Shortest Recovery?

From the 24HourCampfire: jr1968 Offline Member   Loc: Bolivar,NY I know each White tail is different. Under 200 yard shot trough the lungs, what cal. and bullet grain has been the shortest recovery? Just wondering. Thanks, jr1968.   Dear jr1968: One of the nice things about whitetails is that they are not hard to kill. … Continue reading

So What Deer Rifles Are You Using, Shaman?

So what rifles are you using this year, Shaman? There have been a lot of changes to the deer battery this year. I just thought I would give y’all a quick rundown.   Mine: Savage 99, 308 WIN This is the same rifle I’ve been using for most every Opener since 2003. I’m still shooting … Continue reading

Now THAT was 8lbs of Powder!

I just purchased an 8 lb container of H4895. When I went looking, Brownells had the best price I could find: $210.44 delivered. Brownell’s cancelled the order right after I placed it. I guess somebody finally got around to looking on the shelf and realized they were out. Graf’s was only $10 more. It replaces … Continue reading

Picking a Deer Rifle — on the cheap

NOTE:  28 February, 2018  I have written an update to this topic: Cheap Deer Rifles — Redux   Archer_Nut on Deer & Deer Hunting says: [I] need a good [starter] deer rifle that is accurate and powerful, but at the same time inexpensive. The thing of it is that whitetail deer are remarkably easy to … Continue reading

The Shamanic Dream Rifle

From the High_Brass:Campfire Ranger First off, that is one HECKUVA buck and a great story you posted on “Savage speaks again“. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and stories. Now for the question(s) if I may. I am getting a Savage 99 EG in 300 Savage and will of course handload for it. I have … Continue reading

The Savage Speaks Again

10 November, 2007 (Opening Day in Kentucky) 1600 EST It’s getting on past 4 PM. I just sent the rest of the family off. KYHillChick and Moose are heading back to the campground, Angus and Junior are on their way to the Jagendehutte. I’m staying at camp. I’m spent, but it’s a wonderful day out. … Continue reading