Angus Scores in Rainy Opener

Saturday was, hands-down, the best bit of turkey hunting weather I’ve ever seen for an Opener here in SW Bracken County. There was only one thing missing: turkeys.

Angus and I stayed out to 1100. There were a half dozen shots all morning. Maybe a third of what I’d expect. Only one was relatively close. I had one gobbler honor a call shortly after flydown, but that was the last I heard of him.

The other thing missing was SuperCore. He’s down with the New-Mown-Hay. (Pneumonia). This is the first Opener he’s missed in a decade. Bummer. The Shamanic Dream Team just wasn’t the same without him.

Sunday came, and Angus and I donned  ponchos and headed out for another go at it.  It had been a real toad strangler starting about 0300 and it lasted on-and-off until noon.  I went to Midway, where I had two hens hanging out around the blind for two hours.  However, at 0720 I heard one shot, the only one all day, and a little while later Angus radioed that he had a bird down.

His gobbler had hopped down from his roost in the Hundred Acre Wood and run up the hill in front of Broken Corners, dragging a silent buddy with him.   Angus nailed him at extreme distance.  The gob went 22 lbs with an 8 inch beard and 3/4″ spurs.


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  1. Very nice bird! I was hoping you guys would have some success this weekend. I hunted in a lightning/thunder storm on opening morning, drizzle Saturday afternoon, heavy rain Sunday morning, and fierce cold winds Sunday afternoon. I heard a few birds, but only saw one hen. Now, I’m in my office watching it snow. Big heavy flakes too. I’ll hunt after work another day I suppose.

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