Fort Apache

Angus came down after a torrential overnight rain to finish off what needed finishing off.   I want to start off by acknowleding his hard work and sacrifice this summer and fall.  We’ve nearly gotten the pre-season do-list done.   Moose, SuperCore and Moose’s friends have all helped out as they could.  However, Angus has gone the extra distance in this.

We put roll mineral roof on the Lazy Boy blind. It’s now ready for winter. There were two section of the neighbor’s spite fence left over when all other projects were done. I made a shooting port in each, and screwed them to fence posts. Fort Apache was born.

After Angus left to go back for a bagpiping gig, I went out and had my first sit at the blind. It’s still not a 100% kosher with the deer. They gave it a wary eye when they came out at sundown, but I had them in closer than 40 yards.

Fort Apache will be the blind of last resort. It is just over the hill from the house and overlooks pastures to the east and south.  It needs a lot of touching up, but Saturday night proved you could get a deer from it.

Top of the list is that pink deck stain in the inner surfaces has to go. I can see why it was in the mis-tint bin at Lowes.

"Fort Apache", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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