Burning the Burn Pile with Dragon’s Breath

We’ve been building burn pile for about the past 5 years or so. Really and truly, it all started back in 2006 when we burned there the last time. However, about 5 years ago we started hauling more debris in. Mostly it was cedar trees and  the stuff we have to keep cutting down around the barns to keep them open.  The pile was getting pretty large, and I wanted the space for a new blind.

On Saturday night, the wind died down right. It was cooler than usual and we had a moon out to give us a little extra light– perfect burn weather.    Moose, Angus and I  put a little Kerosene around the perimeter . Moose brought a round of Dragon’s Breath, a 12 GA flamethrower round. A good time was had by all.

Here’s a 5 minute Youtube. It was all pretty well contained at by midnight, but it was still smouldering the next morning.


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