LazyBoy is Up!

This all started about 5 years ago.  I was looking for a place for #3 son, Angus to have his first solo deer hunt.  Angus did not want to bother with a treestand, and we had bumped into this spot while out squirrel hunting.  For the last few years, Angus has hunted from here using improvised ground blinds.  We the neighbors fence blew down over last winter, I asked for the pickets. Another neighbor ripped out a deck that had only been up for 5 years. We have been making stuff out of that salvaged lumber for several weeks now.  This was our latest creation.

LazyBoy overlooks a shallow ravine that forms Left Leg Creek.  We took 4 treated fence posts. 2 got cut off at 6 feet, the other two were left full height.  To this, I secured a 5X7′  roof of treated 2X6.  It’s all painted with mistinted deck stain I have been getting at Lowes and Home Depot.  Fence pickets form the front and back.  I used OSB for the roof sheathing.  We’ll top it with roofing felt and rolled mineral roof left over from the Jagende Hutte rennovation.


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