The Tower at Hollywood

Over the past few weekends, we’ve been working on new stands. One of them, was far enough along that I trucked it out to its new position. Hollywood is a tower blind built with the Elevators bracket system. I’ve had these brackets for almost a decade. They were originally meant for the blind at Midway, but that was an ill-fated attempt to say the least– no fault of the brackets.

Just so you know, the problem with the Midway build was that I had built it as sturdy as I could without considering weight.  During the erection, one of the legs shattered  Moose surfed it all the way to the ground.  I fell off and ended up with the front wall and the ladder draped over me.  That was a close call. Midway now sits on stumpy legs about a foot off the ground.  I did a lot of research and decided this time out, I as going to go about as minimal as I could– a 5X7-foot deck with no walls, just a railing.

The new blind will overlook a long stretch of open pasture running between the head of Hootin’ Holler and Hammond North.


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