Mooselette Goes Turkey Hunting

Well, sort of. Mooselette, my #1 granddaughter made it out to turkey camp with her daddy, Moose. We had a chance to go out to the Honey Hole and listen to the gobblers and hens at flydown. It was below freezing, so I brought along an arctic sleeping bag for her to crawl into.

Afterwards, we came back and patterned our turkey guns. Moose asked to have his mother’s 20 GA Remington 1100 brought out. He had not shot it since was about Mooselette’s age. Mooselette, all of 5 now, had a chance to try it out. Her reaction? Less recoil than she expected.

“So Grandpa,” she said out in the blind, “Tell me again about turkey hunting.”

“What part?” I replied.

“The part about how you can be a really bad turkey hunter and still have fun.”

“Oh,” I said. “That’s right. You can have as much fun having a bad day hunting turkeys as a good day. In fact, you can go all day and not see a turkey and still have fun.”

“But how is that?” she asked.

“Well, that’s because if you are really really successful,” I said, “Look what you’ve got in the end: a big dead bird. Now what?” She looked at me a little odd.

“See?” I said. “On the other hand, you can be out all day turkey hunting and fail miserably and still come home happy.”

I think she got it.


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