Honey Hole II

I was out at the new Honey Hole, putting up the blind that I built last year.  It’s made out of the some of that fancy 4D burlap.  I cut a 54″X12′ piece in half and made 2 27″ inch high pieces that I then rimmed with paracord.  Last year, the blind worked great, except both Angus and I managed to shoot into instead of over the burlap– same hole, too!  Go figure.  Anyhow, this year, it’s back up, pretty much as it was.  One thing I noticed was the fancy 4D camo had faded considerably.  I had an old can of stove paint, so I sprayed on an extra “D”.  Now I have 5D camo.

Angus asked me why I spelled it “HUNNER.”  I replied that turkeys can’t spell.

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