A new stand

So yesterday Moose, Angus, and I went squirrel hunting. Moose ran into the bionic squirrel: took 5 rounds of #6– kept getting back up and trying to climb the tree.

Angus and I went out onto a finger ridge we seldom travel, and found a good spot for the ladder stand. While we were sizing up the tree, a doe busted us. We took that as an omen, and brought down the stand and transported it over.

Later Moose and I came back from lunch to clear a few cedar trees out. One in particular would give us 100 yards of shooting lane. When we got there, there was fresh deer scat at the base of the ladder.

Later still, KYHillChick and I drove out to retrieve some gear I’d left and get a GPS reading on the new location. Sure enough, the doe was back standing at the base of the stand.

Go figure.


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