Do you hunt turkeys in a blind?

I’ve only had turkeys in the blind with me a couple of times, and I’ll tell you that it makes for a very cramped situation.

. . . oh, nevermind.

I try my best to hunt out of a blind. When I’m out scouting in March, I’ll find a few spots that are prime ambush sites and I’ll come back just before season and run a piece of camo cord around 3 or four trees and then clothespin a 12′ piece of die-cut or burlap to that cord. I hunt a lot with a kid in the blind, and it makes it much easier.

My biggest turkey ever came from a poacher’s blind that I found before season started– he’d cut cedar boughs and brought them together into a ring around two trees. I’ve duplicated that setup a few times as well, but only when I had freshly downed cedars to work with. I don’t like cutting too much of my own standing stuff.

Two funny blind stories from my place:

1) I took Mooseboy out for his first big turkey hunt. We used the poacher’s blind I’d used earlier in the season. He was still to young to feed him coffee the way I do now. Anyhow, Moose fell asleep in the blind and started snoring so bad that it attracted two hens. One actually got up into the blind to see what was making the noise. I couldn’t wake Moose up show him.

2) A few years ago I had come up out of the bottoms and was hunting one of the higher knobs. I knew the turkeys would be coming up to loaf in a couple hours. There was a bunch of downed cedar limbs leftover from an ice storm. I piled them up in a big horseshoe around a big cedar tree sticking out of a rock pile. I laid down against the rock pile and dozed off. I awoke to hens pecking all around my blind. I was all ready for the big guy to show up when I heard a noise directly behind me. I swiveled my head straight up and saw a hen peering down from the top of the rock pile directly into my eyes. I was busted.

“Well, cluck! Y’all.” I said rather sarcastically. The hen bought it and walked on down the pile and joined her sisters pecking in the grass.

Speaking of blind stories:

I had friends, a married couple, and they were both partially sighted, but legally blind. One night they invited another couple they had just met over for dinner. That couple were both totally blind since birth. They were in the living room talking, when the wife of the first couple went into the kitchen to check on the roast. While she was in there, the kitchen venetian blinds fell down on her. She started swearing, and distinctly remembers saying, “G##-damn blinds, I outta just throw them out now and be done with it!”

For some reason she could not understand at the time, the conversation got downright chilly after that. The other couple staid until just after the main course and then left before dessert. It didn’t dawn on her until they were doing the dishes what she had done. They never saw the other couple again.


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