New Calls for Moosegirl

This has been a busy off-season for me. Moosegirl, Moose’s squeeze, has shown an interest in both Turkey and Deer Hunting.  Putting together a good starter kit for her for Spring Gobbler Season has had me scouring the web for good deals, collecting up turkey porn, and rummaging through the closets.

I found a few nice things for her, including a pink Quaker Girl Lady Hurricane from Quaker Boy, and matching turkey purses for her and little Mousette (due sometime between now and the Super Bowl.

Shamanic pot calls

Shamanic pot calls

It also got me thinking about some pot calls. Now I have to admit that my skills as a pot call maker are somewhat utilitarian. I do not waste my time and money boogering up fine woods. However, the end results always carry the shamanic assurance that “No turkeys will laugh at you — Guaranteed!”

For Moosegirl, I made what is probably my favorite call, a 3 1/2 inch slate over glass with a purple heart striker.

For me? While I was digging through for parts, I happened on a copper surface. I had a spare poplar pot, so I went for it. It is a soft surface. So far an acrylic striker works the best.

The results? Here’s a pic of some of my recent attempts. They area all poplar pots with either slate, aluminum or copper surfaces. The strikers are a mix of hickory, purpleheart, and acrylic.


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