What’s Ur Goto Call, Y’all

From KentuckyHunting.net KYBirdman said: As some of us feel the Ky. turkey population may be declining. I feel if I release my go to call the population may be in grave danger. I hear you Birdman. It’s a dark and somber time for sure. However, think of it as a historical thing. Someday someone may … Continue reading

Afternoon Tactics– What Blythe Taught me

Mark Hay on T&TH was asking about how I call gobblers in the afternoon, and I thought I’d start a new topic rather than go deeper in the Hunting Pressure thread. This is a description of what I do on my property when I want to entice a gobbler in the afternoon. I save this … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Turkey Season

I have been so busy with the podcasts that I have not had a good chance to sit down and discuss all the other things going on in the Shamanic Dream Team’s run up to The Opener. Angus’ New Shotgun I was at an auction back in February and got a very nice Remington 870 … Continue reading

PODCAST: Three Jakes at the Honey Hole

Just under a month separates me from The Spring Opener. This was my first trip out to the Honey Hole. It seemed like I’d just gotten up and left last week, even though it had almost been a year. I was formulating a spiel about what to do when faced with complete silence when several … Continue reading

Yute Hunt 2014

This is the start of Angus’ last Spring Gobbler season as a Yute. He turns 16 in a couple of weeks. I bought him all his youth licenses and tags yesterday— they’re good until the end of the year. However, after next weekend he will be hunting on his own as an adult. Saturday morning … Continue reading

New Calls for Moosegirl

This has been a busy off-season for me. Moosegirl, Moose’s squeeze, has shown an interest in both Turkey and Deer Hunting.  Putting together a good starter kit for her for Spring Gobbler Season has had me scouring the web for good deals, collecting up turkey porn, and rummaging through the closets. I found a few … Continue reading