The Shamanic Reloading Cave

I’ve mentioned the Shamanic Reloading Cave over the years. You may or may not have this idea of it. Occasionally I’ve even taken a picture or two inside of it. However, y’all probably have never really seen it. In reality it never fully existed, at least not as a single entity. The reloading bench was … Continue reading

UV and Reindeer — finally some real science!

I’ve been about ready to bust for months. Here it is September, past the middle of the month, and no one has asked about UV Suppression. Dang! What’s wrong here? Don’t tell me y’all been listening to me and wised up? You mean I’ve been holding back all this anti-UV vitriole for a year, and … Continue reading

Reduced Recoil Loads

From the D&DH Forum Postby MSHunter » Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:26 pm Here is a question for you more experienced reloaders. On Hodgdon’s website they have a sheet of youth/reduced recoil loads. In the paragraph before the load data they state that a medium burning powder be used and that the amount of powder … Continue reading