Muzzleloader 2017 After Action Report

The Kentucky Early Primitive Weapons Season 2017 is in the can. No deer were harmed in the making of this weekend.However, we all seemed to have a good time. I left straight from work and missed the traffic. Both Angus and SuperCore left a bit later on Friday night and got caught up on a … Continue reading

First Looks at the LHR Redemption

I know. This is about 5 years too late. However, a good fellow at saw I was asking about the Thompson Center Strike and offered me a NIB LHR Redeption at a remarkable discount. It was too good of an offer to let it go by. Just so you understand. Thompson Center bought out … Continue reading

Muzzleloader Season 2015

Even though I have been hunting the early Muzzleloader season in Kentucky for 15 years straight, it always seems to catch me by surprise. One evening in October, there is a mad rush to get home, get packed and get back on the road. There is the mad rush at camp with final preparations, and … Continue reading

Son, This is a Muzzleloader

I had a job to do. Angus is going deer hunting on his own this year. However, we still had not gotten his muzzleloader together. We were all down for a camp-out this past weekend. Sunday afternoon, after Moose and MooseMama left with their friends, Angus and I sat down to take care of things. … Continue reading

Moose Bags a Smokepole Forker

Now comes the interesting part. Rather than running off, the doe just stands there, looking at him. The smoke clears, the woods settle back down, and there they are, just staring at each other. Moose is still expecting the doe to fall over at this point. The doe? Heaven knows what was going on in her head. Moose quickly figured out that the shot had gone wild, and he was glad it did, because he saw two little ones come up from the rear.

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Mossberg 500 Muzzleloader

From the 24HourCampfire: Registered: 07/18/05 Posts: 7 Loc: BFE, Kentucky Anyone have any experience with the 50 cal black powder barrel that screws onto a Mossberg 500? I think its kind of a neat idea and was mulling over springing for one but would like to hear some opinions, if anyone has one of these … Continue reading

KY Muzzleloader season has come and gone

Kentucky Muzzleloader season has come and gone. There were no deer on the meat pole to show for the weekend. The Hawken is back on the bench, and will soon be in the safe. It performed flawlessly, but the only two shots were into the ground to empty it out on Saturday night and Sunday … Continue reading