Angus Tags Out in 2018

Angus is making it look easy.  This one flopped down from his roost and came running over with less than a half-hour’s legal hunting on Saturday.  Angus said he was working a more mature gobbler that was back behind Broken Corners when this fellow flew down from the roost and ran practically up Angus’ leg.  … Continue reading

Something Snapped

At 1630 ET last afternoon, I looked at the updated forecast and saw the following progression: Thunderstorms, high wind and rain before sunset Overnight wind and falling temperatures Low was to be in the low 30’s First light: Snow, wind, cold Changing over to wintry mix and wind Changing to rain by 1100 ET Something … Continue reading

Angus Scores in Rainy Opener

Saturday was, hands-down, the best bit of turkey hunting weather I’ve ever seen for an Opener here in SW Bracken County. There was only one thing missing: turkeys. Angus and I stayed out to 1100. There were a half dozen shots all morning. Maybe a third of what I’d expect. Only one was relatively close. … Continue reading

Turkey Camp 2018

I just thought y’all would like a pic of a truly beautiful day at the Thoughtful Spot. It’s on the cusp of Spring Gobbler Season. It’ll probably hit 70 today. There are gobblers gobbling like crazy. It also shows off my new panorama viewer. Suggested Readings: Return to Turkey Camp Originally Post #1 , “The … Continue reading

PODCAST: Return to the Honey Hole 2018

There is something that seems darn near miraculous in the way an old turkey hunter can stroll out in the thin light of pre-dawn, over a ridge socked clean in with fog and come up a half-mile further on, set up next to an old log and wait, to be rewarded a quarter of an … Continue reading

What’s It Going to Be Like on the Opener?

I’ve written before about my love/hate relationship with long range weather forecasting. I can’t really believe it, but I can’t help watching. It goes back to my earliest days, reading the Farmer’s Almanac. It never seemed to be right, but everybody said it was accurate. I have to say that trying to predict the weather … Continue reading

What’s Ur Goto Call, Y’all

From KYBirdman said: As some of us feel the Ky. turkey population may be declining. I feel if I release my go to call the population may be in grave danger. I hear you Birdman. It’s a dark and somber time for sure. However, think of it as a historical thing. Someday someone may … Continue reading