The Big Book of Gun Gack

I spent Saturday reading in John Barsness’s book, The Big Book of Gun Gack.  You have probably read the author, he’s published in a heck of a lot of magazines, and he’s got a slew of good books on  This one is a collection of articles about a select bunch of rifle cartridges for … Continue reading

Dawn of American Deer Hunting

Junior, my honorable #1 son, gifted me a book. I’ve already been through it several times, and it is super cool. I have been enamoured with old pictures of deer hunting for quite some time, ever since we got the farm.   Back then, I had all these bare walls to cover, and not a whole … Continue reading

Season Recap 2017

Now that everyone is home safe a-bed, I thought I would go through the season and give you all my impressions of why it went so well, and what worked and what did not.  Overall, this was the most spectacular deer camp we’ve had.  Everyone got their buck. Everyone got  a doe.  We saw a … Continue reading

More On The L-E-Vator

I had the GoPro out on Saturday afternoon but did not have a chance to get it out before the doe showed up. I still managed to get some footage of SuperCore’s new L-E-Vator. This is not the perfect deer lifter. You can see that from the video. However, it is the best I’ve found … Continue reading

Join the NRA! Life Memberships $300

I just added Mooseboy and Angus to the roles of Life Membership in the NRA. They have a great deal going $1000 memberships are now only $300. Here’s a link: . … ignID=ar15 Suggested Readings: Joaquin Jackson This really boils my bunny!!! Joaquin Jackson is on the NRA Board of DirectorsJoaquin Jackson on YouTube … Continue reading

Turkey Hunting Secrets

There are so many new turkey hunters out there this year, I thought I’d share a resource with y’all.  I don’t know this guy.  I know he’s selling stuff, but who isn’t these days? Here is Roger Raisch’s site. It has a bunch of free content, mostly geared to beginning turkey hunters. He really … Continue reading