Join the NRA! Life Memberships $300

I just added Mooseboy and Angus to the roles of Life Membership in the NRA. They have a great deal going $1000 memberships are now only $300. Here’s a link: . … ignID=ar15 Suggested Readings: Joaquin Jackson This really boils my bunny!!! Joaquin Jackson is on the NRA Board of DirectorsJoaquin Jackson on YouTube … Continue reading

Turkey Hunting Secrets

There are so many new turkey hunters out there this year, I thought I’d share a resource with y’all.  I don’t know this guy.  I know he’s selling stuff, but who isn’t these days? Here is Roger Raisch’s site. It has a bunch of free content, mostly geared to beginning turkey hunters. He really … Continue reading

Check out this Blog–

I want y’all to go check out Scot Manaher’s new weblog, Scot is Scotman on the Deer & Deer Hunting Forum. I’ve been quite impressed with what he’s had to say there, and I’m happy to see he’s found his muse. Tell him the shaman sent you.   Suggested Readings: The Check Stations are … Continue reading

Five Minutes with Col. Tom Kelly

Fan Club sent me a link to a great interview with Tom Kelly from the Realtree site. I thought I’d pass it along. It’ well worth the read. Five Minutes with Col. Tom Kelly Let me know what you think. Suggested Readings: We return you now to our regularly scheduled program. . . Dang! If … Continue reading