Getting Ready for Turkey Season

I have been so busy with the podcasts that I have not had a good chance to sit down and discuss all the other things going on in the Shamanic Dream Team’s run up to The Opener. Angus’ New Shotgun I was at an auction back in February and got a very nice Remington 870 … Continue reading

Are long distance shots a good thing?

From Old deerbasshunter3 Are long distance shots a good thing, or a bad thing for turkey hunting? « on: February 18, 2015, 08:42:58 PM » I know on another forum that I am on for deer hunting there are some people who mention taking longer shots at deer with their bow (Long being past … Continue reading

A Bit of Backstory: The 870 That Wouldn’t

If you listen carefully to the as-yet unreleased podcast of Angus’ hunt, you will here him mention that his shotgun functioned perfectly.  That was a huge thing for Angus and I– much bigger than you probably know. Back when I was out of work, I had an old boss that looked me up. He was … Continue reading

An Anonymous Acolyte and Mister Remmy

I received the following comment the other day regarding my “Bubba’d-up” Mossy: Anonymous said… Inspirational. That’s what your ministry has done for me. I too had a sticky-tape camo job on my Rem 870 home brew turkey gun. Since I am the President of the “Order of the Blue Snood” here in Washington State, I … Continue reading

Bubba Paints His Turkey Gun

Whenever you start talking to gun snobs, every little thing a normal person does to their gun is a “Bubba Job.” The definition, as I have been able to refine it is 1)n: any modification to a firearm that the perpetrator did not know how do when he started. 2)n: any deliberate modification to a … Continue reading