The Tower at Hollywood

Over the past few weekends, we’ve been working on new stands. One of them, was far enough along that I trucked it out to its new position. Hollywood is a tower blind built with the Elevators bracket system. I’ve had these brackets for almost a decade. They were originally meant for the blind at Midway, … Continue reading

Deer Camp — Maintenance Weekend

I’ve been busy since July. However, I did not have all that much to show for it. Finally, I’ve got something meaningful to report. This weekend was the first of a series of maintenance weekends at Camp. Some of it was long overdue. The first project was the Jagende hutte. I built this blind back … Continue reading

Deer Camp 2016 Officially Opens

As the  patriarch of the Hole in The End of the Stump  Deer Camp, I officially declare this camp open.  Let all Cervids be warned. He that outlives this day and comes safe home will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d, and point a finger at his mounted antlers saying ‘These wounds! These … Continue reading

The Shamanic Rig, a new holster idea

A couple of years ago I got word that the coyotes in our neighborhood had gotten bolder and potentially more dangerous. One actually made a pass at a neighbor, as he walked between sheds in his immediate curtilage. In response, I issued a new standing order that our folks would walk about armed. It led … Continue reading

Deer Camp 2015 — Ineff is Ineff

0630 ET Although it is still dark, it in a little while it will be light enough to hunt. I still have a tag. The end of season is over ten hours away. Why am I back in town? Why are the rifles already back on the rack? Why has the shaman stopped hunting? Look, … Continue reading

Life with O.P.

Of course you know about my buddy O.T., the old turkey hunter that runs the mower shop and his brother O.D. the expert deer hunter that holds court at the store in Browningsville. The brother I met first,however, was O.P. , the baby of the bunch. O.P. has a trailer up the road on the … Continue reading

Local History

I tell everyone that my place is in Neave, Kentucky, but I’m really closer to Browningsville. It is just that no one ever heard of Browningsville, Kentucky. Neave? Neave is the reason my zipcode reads Falmouth, which is way the heck over in another county instead of Brooksville, the county seat. The story goes that … Continue reading